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Hydraulic gear pump GPY-4R for sale

Hydraulic gear pump GPY-4R for sale
Product name : Hydraulic gear pump GPY-4R for sale
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Details :
Hydraulic gear pump GPY-4R for sale

Model code

GPY series 8 R
GPY series
quantitative gear pump
reference to specification table R:clockwise


Model Displacement
Using pressure Mpa Speed Weight Kg
Rated Max Min Max
GPY-3 2.98 20.6 22.6 700 3000 1.2
GPY-4 4.09 500 1.2
GPY-5.8 5.77 1.2
GPY-7 7.07 1.2
GPY-8 8.01 1.2
GPY-9 8.94 1.4
GPY-10 10.06 1.4
GPY-11.5 11.55 2500 1.4

Drawing size

This type gear pump other models: GPY-2R, GPY-3R, GPY-5.8R, GPY-7R, GPY-8R, GPY-9R, GPY-10R, GPY-11.5R, GPY-12R

Gear pump is formed by rely on the pump cylinder and the meshing gear working volume change and move to transport the liquid or causes the pressurization of the rotary pump. By two gears, pump body and cover of two closed space, when gears rotate, gear side space volume from small greaten, forming a vacuum, the liquid suction, the side of the gear mesh volume from large to small of the space, and the liquid in pipe line. Suction chamber and discharge chamber is separated by two gears meshing line. The gear pump outlet pressure depends on the size of the source resistance pump.

High pressure gear pump GPY series product features:

1. High efficiency, precise and detailed structure design, this series pump with high volumetric efficiency and high mechanical efficiency.

2. High reliability, light weight, tight and fine.

3. Advanced casting nature, to ensure stable and reliable performance.

4. The big flow of vane pump with low pressure high and low pump combination, reasonable use of primary energy and cost savings.

1. Should be used with anti-foam, prevent oxidation and anti-corrosion additive such as mineral oil, oil of aniline point of 77-77 degrees

2. The recommended oil temperature: 10 to 60 degrees, the temperature limits, and 20 to 80 degrees

3. Recommend a suitable viscosity: 15-150 CST (15-150 was a/s), boundaries using viscosity: 10-430 CST (10-430 mm2/s)

4. Oil suction mouth pressure: -0.02-0.03 MPA (- 02-0.3 KGF/cm2), bottom temperature instant start Mpa (0.4 kgf/cm2)

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Please contact us for details, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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ZF hydraulic is specialized in gear pump model gear pump manufacturers gear pump manufacturers gear pump supply gear pump hydraulic gear pump working principle explosion-proof gear pump high temperature gear pump gear pump series high pressure gear pump cycloid gear pump gear pump price Taiwan xinhong gear pump hgp-1a gear pump sales and production.

Gear pump idle for a long time easy to appear what problems?

Gear pump, arc gear pump and other types of gear pump idle for a long time, when starting again will produce gear pump stuck to turn still or gear pump seal leakage, gear pump noise, etc., the main reasons are many. Such as ordinary cast iron piece of gear pump: pump when placed a long time, due to general on the gear pump gear pump manufacturers do experiments are repeatedly used when testing of waste oil pool, unavoidably have some water in the oil, when the waste engine oil containing water long-term retention in the pump cavity and gear and the gear pump body contact with for a long time because a good contact with air oxidation etc, the inner cavity of the gear pump will rust in a short time, cause the gear pump installed not turn when using. This kind of situation is more common in the newly installed client, general customers buy gear pump are bought in local salesroom, but often they buy these gear pump is the owner of stock or inventory (because the gear pump, gear pump middlemen are have inventory, only stock the length of time different) so warn broad customer buy gear pump in the local or the other must go to the first gear pump gear pump spindle rotation is flexible, whether uniform rotation, buy to return can produce needless trouble.

The second point: gear pump, arc gear pump idle for a long time, when the gear pump again when the seal will produce leakage phenomenon.


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Gear pump purchase need to pay attention to what? Taizhou henghui hydraulic remind you:


1 if the bulk purchase of gear pump, must choose the regular gear pump manufacturers! (for example: ZF hydraulic)


2 to buy gear pump must sign a formal contract with the manufacturers!


3. Before purchasing gear pump in large quantities, be sure to let the manufacturer make prenatal sample confirmation!



ZF hydraulic branch specializing in the provision of gear pump bulk purchase, looking forward to working with you!

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Type of gear oil pump can be divided into:

(1) pumps (type B, D and sh) are used to convey clean water and clean liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water.

(2) corrosion resistant pump (type F) is used for transporting corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali.

(3) oil pump (type Y) is used for conveying petroleum products.

The gear pump relies on the change and movement of working volume formed between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear to transfer liquid or pressurize the rotary pump.

Structure of external meshing double gear oil pump. A pair of meshing gears and pump cylinders separate the suction chamber from the discharge chamber. When the gear rotates, the volume between the teeth of the side gear teeth of the suction chamber which are separated from each other gradually increases, the pressure decreases, and the liquid enters between the teeth under the action of pressure difference. As the gear rotates, the fluid between the teeth is carried to the discharge chamber. At this time, the volume between the teeth of the teeth engaged by the side wheel of the discharge chamber gradually shrinks, and the liquid is discharged. Gear oil pump is suitable for conveying non-solid particles, non-corrosive, viscosity range of large lubricating liquid. Pump flow up to 300 m/h, pressure up to 3 107 pa. It is usually used as a hydraulic pump and conveying various types of oil. Gear oil pump structure is simple and compact, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain, has the ability of self-suction, but the flow, pressure pulsation and noise. Gear pumps must be equipped with a safety valve to prevent damage to the pump or prime mover due to some reason such as a blocked discharge pipe causing the pump outlet pressure to exceed the allowable value.

(I) working principle

Gear oil pump is a kind of positive displacement pump, which consists of two gears, pump body and front and rear covers to form two closed Spaces. When the gear rotates, the volume of the space on the gear side becomes larger from a small size, forming a vacuum. The liquid is sucked in, and the volume of the space on the gear meshing side becomes smaller from a large size, and the liquid is squeezed into the pipeline. The suction chamber and the discharge chamber are separated by the meshing line of the two gears.

Gear pump outlet pressure is entirely dependent on the size of the pump source resistance.

(ii) operation and maintenance

(1) check the sealing of all pipeline flanges and joints before starting.

(2) disc coupling, no friction and collision sound.

(3) the first start should be injected into the pump to deliver liquid.

(4) fully open the valves in the suction and discharge pipelines before starting, and do not close the valves for starting.

(5) start the motor after verifying the rotation direction of the motor.

In general, the gear pump pump shell heavier, its temperature, pressure strength is also higher. The pump body material often USES the nodular cast iron, may also use the casting aluminum alloy hard mold casting becomes, or USES the extrusion aluminum alloy profile processing manufacture. When the conveying medium is corrosive, high cost stainless steel materials can be used. Foreign high viscosity gear pump adopts alloy steel with high content of nickel and chromium as pump shell material, which has better comprehensive performance in strength, reliability and cost. In order to solve the problem of oil trapped in the gear pump, usually in the pump cover to open symmetrical unloading groove, or to the direction of the low pressure side to open asymmetric unloading groove, suction side of the cone unloading groove, discharge side of the rectangular unloading groove, unloading groove depth is also deeper than the hydraulic industry used in the gear pump.

Due to the high viscosity gear pump transmission medium viscosity is high, in order to reduce the flow resistance, improve the suction capacity of the pump, the medium must be heated or heat preservation. Usually USES the electric heating element heating, may cause the viscous liquid to be heated evenly. If the temperature fluctuation is not large, the transmission of high viscosity liquid is prone to degradation, it is recommended to use the fluid heating method, especially the displacement of large gear pump. Fluid heating and built - in, external structure. The so-called built-in refers to the gear pump body or end cover of the internal design of the heat jacket, the external type is through the bolt clamping heat jacket and pump body together. Steam, heat conduction oil or cooling water are injected into the jacket according to the specific conditions of the medium. The built-in type is suitable for the occasions where the temperature uniformity of liquid conveying is high or the uniform cooling of high-temperature liquid is required. When the electric heating method is not safe or the temperature control requirements are not high, the external structure can be used. The jacket of the pump head of the internal gear pump manufactured by VIKING can control the temperature of the fluid transported. It can be equipped with external jacket in both high and low temperature environments.



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