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What causes gear pump oil seal to be washed

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/2/10 11:46:07
What causes gear pump oil seal to be washed

Gear pump work, oil from the tank through the filter and pump inlet into the gear pump, from the gear pump oil out of the mouth is divided into two ways: all the way into the oil and gas separator for oil and gas separation, let the oil without gas by the balance valve main valve to supply oil, and oil and gas mixture into the atmospheric cavity. Taixing hengli hydraulic believes that when the oil seal is washed, there are the following reasons:

1. Gear pump bearing bears axial force. Axial force is often associated with the gear pump shaft extension end and shaft sleeve with too tight, that is, when the installation of the pump hammer or through the installation screw hard pull the pump shaft by a backward axial force, when the pump shaft rotation, the backward axial force will force the pump wear. Because the gear pump internal is by the gear end face and shaft sleeve end face joint seal, when its axial seal end face wear serious, the pump internal axial seal will produce a certain gap, resulting in high and low pressure oil chamber communication and make the oil seal out. This kind of situation appears more in the dump truck industry, mainly because the size of the coupling sleeve on the main engine is not standard.
2. Gear pump rotation is wrong. When the pump rotation is not correct, the high pressure oil will directly pass to the oil seal, because the general low pressure skeleton oil seal can only withstand 0.5mpa pressure, so the oil seal will be out.
3. Gear pump bear too much radial force. If the gear pump installation of the coaxiality is not good, will make the pump by the radial force beyond the bearing limit of the oil seal, will cause oil seal oil leakage. At the same time, will also cause the pump internal floating bearing damage.
4. Gear pump suction empty or half empty for a long time, the internal gear pump and bushings and wear, because the internal gear pump is by the gear and shaft sleeve end joint seal, when its axial seal face wear serious, internal axial pump seal will produce a certain gap, resulting in high and low pressure oil cavity and make the seal out of communication.

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