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Rexroth gear pump drive shaft and liner wear repair

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/1/27 19:47:13
Rexroth gear pump drive shaft and liner wear repair

With the growth of service time, rexroth gear pump will appear pump oil shortage, or even pump oil failure, the main reason is the relevant parts wear too much. Rexroth gear pump wear parts are mainly driven shaft and bushing, passive gear center hole and shaft pin, pump housing cavity and gear, gear end face and pump cover. When the main technical indicators of the lubricating oil pump fail to meet the requirements after wear, it shall be disassembled and decomposed, find out the wear parts and degree, and take corresponding measures to repair.
Rexroth gear pump drive shaft and liner wear, the increase of the clearance, will affect the pump oil. In this case, the drive shaft or bushing can be repaired to restore its normal clearance. If the drive shaft is slightly worn, simply press out the old bushing and replace it with a standard size bushing, and the fit clearance can be restored to the allowable range. If the driving shaft and bushing wear seriously and the clearance seriously exceeds the standard, not only to replace the bushing, and the driving shaft also applies chromium plating or vibration surfacing method to increase its diameter, and then grinding to the standard size, restore the matching requirements with bushing.

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