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Repair of oil gear pump housing repair of shell crack

Author : Zhou Date : 2020/1/27 19:57:07
Repair of oil gear pump housing repair of shell crack

Shell cracks can be filled by casting 508 nickel-copper electrode. The weld must be tight and the porosity must be tight and the flatness error of the joint surface with the pump cover shall not be greater than 0.05mm.
Repair of wear of active bushing hole and driven bushing hole: after wear of active bushing hole, the wear marks can be eliminated by means of hinge, and then the bushing is increased to the corresponding size. Driven shaft hole wear is also to eliminate wear marks by the hinge method, and then according to the actual size of the hinged hole to prepare the driven shaft
Pump shell cavity repair: pump shell cavity wear, generally adopt the method of inner cavity set set repair, the inner cavity lined with large set with cast iron or steel bushing. After the sleeve is set, the inner cavity is lined to the required size, and the bush of the protruding end is ground off to make it flush with the pump shell.
Valve seat repair: pressure limit valve ball valve and plunger valve two kinds. After the ball seat is worn, place a steel ball on the seat and then tap the ball gently with a metal rod until the ball valve and seat close. If the valve seat is badly worn, it can be hinged to remove the wear mark and then closed by the method. After the plunger seat is worn, grind it with a little valve sand until it fits.

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