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Performance comparison between high pressure gear pump and common gear pump

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/4/29 20:38:19
Performance comparison between high pressure gear pump and common gear pump

21 High pressure gear pump rotary parts are made of special alloy materials with good performance, generally will not be destroyed by scum, to maintain long service life of the pump.
2. Generally speaking, the working noise of high-pressure gear pump is very low, and the noise value when the load is large can reach the product standard grade A, while the ordinary gear pump can only reach grade B or C.
3. The shell of the high-pressure hydraulic gear pump adopts the rectangular five-piece combination, which has the advantages of easy processing and neat appearance.
4. The volumetric efficiency of high-pressure gear pump can reach 95%, which belongs to energy-saving products, while the volumetric efficiency of ordinary high-pressure gear pump can only be between 50% and 80%.
5 high pressure gear pump seal is very good, the pump body, pump cover between the surface and surface without adjusting the gap between the paper pad, the gear end surface gap is completely dependent on the size of the parts and shape accuracy to ensure, the axial end oil leakage rate is very low.
6. High pressure gear pump suction range up to 8m, belongs to the high suction range gear pump. During the type test, the high-pressure gear pump can still work normally when the oil inlet of the high-pressure gear pump is -0.085mpa
7. High pressure gear pump can be in low speed (125 r/min) under constant pressure, volume efficiency can reach more than 85%, still it is unattainable by ordinary precision gear pump, high pressure pump is suitable for the use of frequency converter to change the pump rotation speed to control the energy conservation of pump flow installations, due to use frequency control of motor speed to adjust flow, can make the high pressure pump in low speed during the work under the scope of low energy, power saving rate can reach 50%, the effect of saving energy and reducing consumption.

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