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Magnetic miniature gear pump application

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/3/31 14:12:52
Magnetic miniature gear pump application

In the process of industrial production, it is often required to meet the requirements of small flow, low viscosity, high pressure difference and no pulse accurate transmission technology, users will usually consider the use of conventional multistage centrifugal pump, diaphragm metering pump, ordinary oil pump or some relatively cheap low-end gear pump to use. But after use always has a lot of process defects, such as in the coating industry, optical film additives, trace spray and other requirements of the medium transport flow is small, low viscosity, the need for no pulse precision transport, but it is difficult to use conventional pumps, so to meet the above harsh conditions at the same time what pump should be used? The answer is to choose a good external engagement micro gear pump, the pump through the optimization of material, internal clearance control and modular design, can well deal with the above conditions. Based on this, this paper will take you to fully understand the ZF brand micro gear pump in the treatment of small flow, low viscosity, high pressure difference, no pulse delivery solutions.
General customer delivery mainly has the following problems:
1. The centrifugal pump is characterized by high flow rate, low pressure and instability, which leads to low efficiency in conveying medium with viscosity.
2. The peristaltic pump/hose pump can deliver small flow quantity and add working conditions, but the output pressure is low, and the pulsation is large and the continuity is poor when the liquid is delivered;
3. Although the diaphragm pump/metering pump is accurate in measurement, the pulsation is large and the liquid continuity is poor.
4. The ordinary gear oil pump can handle some medium with high lubricity and viscosity, but the transmission of materials with low viscosity and poor lubricity will make the gear wear quickly and shorten its service life.
Through the above analysis, the conventional pump is difficult to meet the requirements of small flow rate, low viscosity, high pressure difference, no pulsating accurate conveying process, there are many technical defects, the next focus on the study of miniature gear pump.

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