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Internal gear pump operating principle

Author : FA Date : 2019/12/20 20:22:43
Internal gear pump operating principle

"Internal meshing gear pump is the use of gear meshing principle, internal and external gear joint circle close to one side, the other side is covered by the pump" crescent plate "separated. The internal driving gear on the spindle drives the internal and external gears to rotate in the same direction. At the inlet, the gears separate from each other to form a negative pressure and suck in the liquid. Because of this unique structure, it is especially suitable for conveying medium with high viscosity. The viscosity range is 0.2-1000000cp. 1. Internal meshing gear pump can be reversely transported, as long as the motor can be replaced; 2. Internal meshing gear pump pump body can be turned, the inlet and outlet position is a right Angle, easy to choose the outlet position; 3. The internal meshing gear pump in the pump body, end cover, bearing housing are connected to convenient insulation or cooling medium in and out of the interface. 4. Internal gear pump has: the existence of oil trapped phenomenon, smooth delivery, high efficiency, low noise, long service life advantages"

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