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Hydraulic components of the gear pump specific repair methods

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/3/12 15:28:24
Hydraulic components of the gear pump specific repair methods

(l) mechanical deburring tool, remove the hydraulic parts of the edge of the thorn called mechanical deburring. Figure 9-4 (a) is a schematic diagram of removing burrs when rough and dead with a metal soft brush mounted on the milling JJ disc. The burrs at valve core, gear hole of gear of gear pump and L of valve body are removed by using a mechanical and barbed brush. The barbed brush is a brush made of nylon or plant fiber and has abrasive particles stuck to the top of the nylon. Or the abrasive melt in the wire, also useful for high strength nylon wire sticky grinding grain ball to brush. Wu machinery vibration deburring device, mounted eccentrically in the hopper, vibration hopper), make the hopper at the bottom of the motor vibration, artifacts and small pieces in the hopper vibration impact abrasive and remove the burr tops of parts by side. Gear pump this method is widely used in domestic hydraulic parts factory heat deburring, electrolysis deburring, magnetic grinding deburring, high pressure water jet deburring, abrasive flow deburring and other methods. (2) diamond reamer). Methods for repairing valve holes. 1. Honing and grinding are well known, and only the diamond hinges needed to repair valve holes are described here. Diamond reamer machining valve hole, machining precision (roundness and cylindricity can be within o.olmm), for complete interchangeability assembly to provide good conditions. Size dispersion, easy to production management, high productivity and economy, each valve shell processing time of about 20 seconds, the hole surface quality is good, no residual abrasive particles. It is the ideal work for the final finishing of valve hole, and it is a new process for machining at home and abroad. It is also very suitable for use in maintenance. See figure 9-5 for diamond reamer. The role of the front guide sleeve is to guide the valve hole to be processed or to be repaired, so that the reamer sleeve smoothly into the hole to be processed; The rear guide sleeve is used for backout guide to ensure the straightness of the workpiece L. The front and rear guide sleeve is about 2/3 of the length of the processed hole, and the outside diameter size of the front guide sleeve is smaller than that of the key parts of the diamond hinge to be processed. The sharp sharp corners of the diamond particles form the reamer's numerous cutting edges to cut the hole allowance. Hinge) 9 sets with spiral groove, easy to pass through 1: 50 cone surface control valve hole different machining size. Electroplated diamond on reamer sleeve is mainly selected according to machining allowance and roughness. Because the artificial diamond grinding performance is good, the grinding wheel consumption is small; Natural diamond is suitable for large load, more suitable for large cutting than artificial diamond. Therefore, according to the maintenance characteristics to reduce the surface roughness, it is appropriate to use the fine size of artificial diamond reaming JJ repair valve hole. In general, diamond hinge can be processed in ordinary machine tools) 9, figure 9-6 is the hydraulic parts of E: a simple special machine used in the factory. General workpiece reciprocation for 10 20 seconds, spindle head speed is too high and easy to produce vibration, too slow will make the aperture and precision reduced. When cutting with kerosene or weak alkaline emulsion or kerosene 80% plus 20% of 20# mechanical oil as coolant.

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