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Gear pump repair effect

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/2/18 11:53:52
Gear pump repair effect

Hydraulic gear pump and hydraulic motor, using high-speed grinding technology to repair in guarantee machining accuracy at the same time can improve the machining efficiency of 30 a 40 times, reduce abrasive cost 80 9 "; after the processing work surface roughness Ra of o. 005 ~ 0.007 the PRM, flatness of o. 2 O, 5 Tim. This abrasive high efficiency grinding processing technology based on abrasive wear uniform theory, according to the design on the abrasive abrasive abrasive wear and tear strength density distribution, the evenness of abrasive wear, without dressing grinding tool, Gear pump which has solved the problem that traditional process needs regular dressing grinding tool. This processing method is effective, mainly has the following advantages. On the abrasive abrasive consolidation, abrasive abrasive high speed but no splash and waste problems, and the processing effect (2) no abrasive confused with debris from under the workpieces grinding together, can give full play to the cutting action abrasive, and don't save; these problem that debris washed together, this saves the energy, and save the abrasive. In the process of grinding, abrasive neither force between each other, and there is no relative movement, does not produce cutting action between abrasive, Further saving abrasive and energy.

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