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Gear pump in the work of the common problems such as holding dead how to solve?

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/3/8 21:34:28
Gear pump in the work of the common problems such as holding dead how to solve?

Generally is the gear oil pump parts and shell wear and oil seal wear aging.
Before installing the gear pump cover, a small amount of oil should be poured into the housing, and turn the gear by hand, a simple check. Before the installed gear pump cover is tightened bolts, should check the gap between the pump cover and the pump body, generally should be controlled between 0.3-0.6mm.
Aging, deterioration and loss of elasticity of rubber seal ring of gear oil pump is also a common wear failure. If the seal is not good, it will cause leakage of gear oil pump. This wear will reduce the working pressure and flow of the oil pump. So depending on the working environment, often replace the sealing element to eliminate this fault.
The wear of the shell is mainly the wear of the shaft sleeve hole, (the normal clearance between the gear shaft and the shaft sleeve is 0.09~0.175mm, and the maximum shall not exceed 0.20mm). Another kind of wear is that the working face inside the shell is worn like a circle, which is mainly caused by impurities in the conveying medium, so it must be paid attention to when the conveying medium is added.

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