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Gear pump diamond reamer for domestic supply

Author : Zhou Date : 2020/2/19 22:40:35
Gear pump diamond reamer for domestic supply

Using the method of high speed grinding to repair the distribution plate of pump and motor, the repair of pump and motor mainly refers to the repair of distribution plate, liner, thrust plate, return plate and other commonly used wear parts. The test shows that after the wear and corrosion of these parts, most of them have the machining allowance of 3-4 times of repair, so it is feasible to repair them. The end surface accuracy of the parts is required to be high (see figure 9-7), and the surface roughness Ra is required to be o.2fjm and the flatness is o.9f true m. These surface failure generally cannot using metallographic sandpaper grinding after repair, because the sand on the metallographic sandpaper falls off easily, fall off the sand after easily set in the workpiece on the surface, thus affecting their use traditional process performance is generally gear pump adopts the grinding paste on the plane slowly grinding machine manually grinding, although this method is feasible, but low machining efficiency and precision is difficult to guarantee. Through research and practice, we have explored a new method of high speed grinding of distributor plate, liner plate, thrust plate and return plate with solid abrasive. This method is to use high speed mill and special solid abrasive abrasives, using circulating water for washing and cooling, its processing principle is shown in figure 9-8. The pressure head is pressed on the workpiece by the pressure cap, its function is to apply grinding pressure, the second is to limit the movement of the workpiece, only allow the workpiece to rotate around the rotary center of the head. The solid abrasive is bonded on the surface of the abrasive, the abrasive and the abrasive rotate at the same time, and the workpiece rotates with the grinding force. Through the hole in the middle of the grinding tool, the cooling water flows from bottom to top into the grinding processing area to cool the processing area and wash away the debris falling from the workpiece and the grinding tool.

The above: Gear pump repair effect