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Gear pump bonding technology

Author : Xiong Date : 2020/2/28 22:51:42
Gear pump bonding technology

Adhesive coating technology refers to the adhesive coating on the surface of parts, to achieve wear resistance, corrosion resistance, to restore its geometric size, repair pull (scratch) damage groove and other purposes of maintenance technology. Adhesive is a polymer of metal, ceramic and other materials, which can resist erosion, cavitation, friction, chemical erosion and other damage. At the same time, it can be firmly bonded to the surface of parts, forming a hard wear and corrosion resistant composite coating. Adhesive coating technology easy to operate, do not need special equipment, will not make parts deformation, safety and energy saving, most worn parts can be repaired by adhesive coating method. Adhesive technology is the polymer and special fillers composed of adhesive, repair agent coated on the surface of parts, gear pump with its good infiltration, and the surface of the adhesive close contact, interaction, produce enough adhesive relay, to achieve the purpose of reliable connection. Compared with riveting, welding and threaded connection, bonding has the advantages of weight reduction, stress concentration, sealing, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and good insulation performance, as well as the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, labor saving and time saving, field operation, etc. (1) sticky o-ring. If there is no spare parts to replace the aged or damaged o-shaped rubber sealing ring during the maintenance, the o-shaped ring with letai adhesive can be made to meet the size requirements, so as to solve the urgency of no accessories. Repair cracked parts of hydraulic components. After cleaning the crack with acetone, fill the crack groove with loctite adhesive to repair. Apply adhesive technology to repair worn parts. Wear is one of the main causes of mechanical parts failure of hydraulic components. For example, the pump shaft journal wear parts repair: first the pump shaft neck wear parts turning out distance of o. 75 mm, deep o. 4 mm screw groove, and then clean with acetone, choose 'G205 repair glue (add right amount of nickel base powder) with grooves and compaction, make its outer diameter size slightly larger than the standard, after curing the journal according to the technical requirements for processing to the standard size of installed with bunds.